MARCH 14 – Berkeley Balkan Bacchanal

Another amazing line up…read on!

Friday, MARCH 14
Fanfare Zambaleta
Radio Istanbul
Doors at 8:00pm, Show at 9:00pm
The Starry Plough (3101 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley)
Admission $8-12 sliding scale

We’re happy to welcome back Radio Istanbul! Radio Istanbul combines a traditional Istanbul sound with western sensibilities. Inspired by the diverse music heard in the streets and nightclubs of Turkey, Radio Istanbul’s hypnotic melodies and driving rhythms draw on Turkish, Romani (Gypsy), Balkan, and Arabic grooves. In existence for over ten years, the musicians are among the best in the S.F. Bay Area. Ahmet Cagin on Kanun, Greg Jenkins on Clarinet, Faisal Zedan and Sean Tergis on Rhythm, and Haluk Kecelioglu on Oud and Violin.


Zoyres live at Rickshaw Stop SF 9-11-2008a

Zoyres Eastern European Wild Ferment packs Eastern European folk music, free improvisation, jazz, rock, drum-n-bass, and a bit of noise into the pickle jar.  The name “Zoyres” derives from the Yiddish term for fermented vegetables, “zoyers,” foods transformed by culture and community (of the microbial sort). Such culinary “cultural” transformations underlie our own cultural development, as humans have relied and reveled in fermented foods for millennia.  Zoyres’ music represents the geo-social analogue to the biochemical ferment.  Zoyres’ music, of Eastern European origin, brined in the contemporary cultural milieu, is akin to the pickle, still evident in its cucumbral origin, but with a taste and texture transformed.



FANFARE ZAMBALETA needs no introduction to fans of the Bacchanal. These guys tear it up every time they play! Fanfare Zambaleta was incubated in the Zambaleta Music and Dance School in San Francisco and has since transformed into a full-fledged juggernaut of a band, featuring some of the Bay Area’s most exciting young players and seasoned veterans. Emulating the great Balkan brass bands of the past and present, they play Romani, Serbian, Macedonian and Greek brass band music with passion and dedication. FZ’s potent musical concoction of wild improvisation, meticulous ensemble coordination,  earth-shaking low brass, thunderous drumming and jubilant vocals will move your feet and lift your soul.

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