January 2015 – more Bacchanal!

Thanks for joining us for another year of great local Balkan music! We’re excited about this show, gonifs was the first klezmer band I saw in the Bay Area back in the 1990s when San Francisco was still fun. Taraf de Locos is a new band that really blew me away last time they played the Bacchanal. And Radio Istanbul keeps getting better and better with their latest line up!

Friday January 9, 2015
Radio Istanbul (11pm)
Taraf de Locos (10pm)
gonifs (9pm)
Doors at 8:00pm, Music at 9:00pm
The Starry Plough (3101 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley)
Admission $10-15 sliding scale at the door ************************************************************

gonifs Rob Reich, Richard Saunders, Sheldon Brown, Aaron Kierbel, Jeanette Lewicki

The gonifs began as the house band for the pirate radio station, Radio Libre. Started by Peter Jaques & Jeanette Lewicki around 1996, as a vegan anarchist bicycle-powered marching klezmer band, this group is a loosely-knit collective that expands & contracts, adding instruments as needed to play raucous, frolicsome, soulful dance tunes & yiddish songs about love, anarchy, gangsters & potatoes. The gonifs’ breakout CD features Peter, Jeanette, Aaron Kierbel, Darren Johnston, Daniel Fabricant, & all the members of Veretski Pass. Since Peter is now travelling in Greece, the current lineup will be: Sheldon Brown (clarinet), Aaron Kierbel (drums), Jeanette Lewicki (vocals), Rob Reich (accordion), & Richard Saunders (bass). You can hear more of the gonifs at http://www.portofrancorecords.com/artists/the-gonifs/
In case the dog ate your Yiddish dictionary, a gonif is a thief, a rascal, or a very smart mischievous kid. Old folks sometimes say “Oy, Amerike gonif” — meaning something like, “Only in America!”



Taraf de Locos is a group of talented young musicians who grew up together. They met as children at a magical music camp in the heart of California, where traditional music from all over the world showered them every minute for ten days every year. Their sound is very natural and diverse. They play a mix of songs and tunes from Spain, Romania, Macedonia, Albania, Greece, Turkey, Tajikistan, Brazil, Columbia, Cuba and Mexico. As best friends, they bring a fun-loving energy that is genuinely contagious. Taraf de Locos features Aya Safiya on violin and vocals, Cecilia Cassandra Peña-Govea on trumpet, guirra and vocals, Miguelito León on percussion and vocals, and Tano Brock on guitar, saxophone and vocals.



Radio Istanbul combines a traditional Istanbul sound with western sensibilities. Inspired by the diverse music heard in the streets and nightclubs of Turkey, Radio Istanbul’s hypnotic melodies and driving rhythms draw on Turkish, Romani (Gypsy), Balkan, and Arabic grooves. In existence for over ten years, the musicians are among the best in the S.F. Bay Area. Ahmet Cagin on Kanun, Greg Jenkins on Clarinet, Faisal Zedan and Sean Tergis on Rythm, and Haluk Kecelioglu on Oud and Violin.

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