October Bacchanal

Friday, October 14th, 2016
MWE w/Peter Jaques (11:00pm)
La Pêche (10:00pm)
Orchestra Euphonos (9:00pm)

Admission: $10-15; Doors at 8:00pm
Starry Plough Pub 3101 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, CA

The second installment of the Berkeley Balkan Bacchanal’s 2016-17 season presents a triple-threat rapid fire sampling of the bay area’s finest balkan groups in a frenzy of music and dance to kick off your marathon weekend.

Orchestra Euphonos opens the show with Peter Bonos incorporating recent additions, vocalist Samantha Shokin and none other than Ivan Velev on drums. Next up, Paul Bertin is back with the newest incarnation of local favorites La Pêche. And to top it off, MWE blares once again with Peter Macrae Jaques and bacchanal instigator Gregory Masaki Jenkins at the helm.

Yes, their name is enigmatic, but MWE’s magical sounds are no mystery…a Middle-Eastern marching band consisting of one zurna, one davul, one saxophone, and two clarinets and 1 million decibels! The MWE experience is an all-out, crazy dance party for your ears and your feet!

Gregory Masaki Jenkins, Morgan Nilsen, Peter Jaques: clarinets
Calvin Lai: zurna
Teddy Raven: sax and kaval
Sean Tergis: percussion

la peche 5.JPG
To have “La Pêche” is French for being in a particularly good mood and great form ; and that’s what the quintet immediately conveys with their furiously fun blend of Balkan-inspired melodies. Combining a solid foot in traditional musics from Romania to Turkey with funkier grooves and heavy bass lines, the band has created a highly unique and energetic sound.

Paul Bertin – Sax
Morgan Nilsen – Clarinet
Dusty Brough – Guitar
Andrew Cohen – Helicon
Sean Tergis – Percussion

EuphonosATrev.jpgOrchestra Euphonos plays folk music of Eastern Europe, focusing on the common styles of dances played by the Jews and Roma in Moldova. For this performance, Euphonos will bring you a few Lautari horas, Romanian laments, a Ukrainan waltz and even a Russian Tango.

Peter Bonos: trumpet
Asaf Ophir: clarinet, sax, flute
Travis Hendrix: clarinet
Samantha Shokin: voice
Zina Pozen: accordion
Ivan Velev: Tupan
Juliana Frick: bass

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