June 21 Extra Bacchanal with Melez and Fanfare Zambaleta

Friday, June 21
Berkeley Balkan Bacchanal at the Starry Plough Pub presents
Fanfare Zambaleta and Melez Band.

Local Balkan Brass favorites Fanfare Zambaleta is excited to host the exciting new Melez Band from the Pacific Northwest in a celebration of the younger generation of the American Balkan scene.

$12 advance/$12-15 sliding scale at the door

Melez Band is a four-piece, Seattle based band that plays Macedonian style Roma Pop.

Eleni Govetas – Saxophone
Benji Rifati – Trumpet
Mik Bewsky – Electric Guitar
Bobby Govetas – Goč (Drum)

Fanfare Zambaleta is a Balkan style brass band that takes inspiration and influences from the Romani, Serbian, Macedonian, Greek, and Bulgarian cultures and is based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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